Information for Readers

The Institute of National Remembrance is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the presented archival materials. Despite the undeniable historical value of documents constituting the legacy of the Security Services of the Polish People's Republic (PRL), one must take into account the fact that they may present events from the perspective of the communist authorities, their value system and their methods of obtaining information. The conclusions drawn as a result of the analysis of the above mentioned documents should, therefore,  be confronted with other sources and current historical knowledge. ​

Please be advised that the photographs and items not constituting the legacy of the former Security Services of the Polish People's Republic were donated to the Institute of National Remembrance by our Donators and have been posted on the portal for educational purposes. Although we have put great effort into identifying and listing all of the authors of the photographs, we might have unintentionally omitted someone. If this has been the case, please contact us.

Bearing in mind the protection of sensitive data appearing in the presented scans of archival materials, some personal information (such as an individual’s health condition, addictions, moral issues or place of residence), may have been blacked out.

Only some of the documents from our resources have been made available for the needs of the internet portal. Access to all materials regarding Papal pilgrimages during the Polish People's Republic can be obtained, pursuant to the principles set forth in the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance, at the IPN’s Archive in Warsaw and Institute’s branch archives throughout Poland.

In order to obtain permission for the publishing and dissemination of any content posted on the portal, please contact:

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